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If today is your birthday, you are a Libra.

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Forecast for: October 1, 2016 - November 4, 2016

Scorpio (the Scorpion)
October 24 - November 22

Setting boundaries will help the two of you grow in your relationship, so be assertive and really communicate what's important to you. As long as you speak lovingly when you say what you mean, you shouldn't have to worry about a fight. If finances aren't doing enough for you lately, think about alternate sources of funds you may have.

•••• CLUE FROM YOUR RULING CONSTELLATION “ANTARES”: - Keys towards Accomplishments are necessary this cycle, and they are- try to NOT continuing using idle moments for chatter … … instead take time for participating in the kinds of ventures that bring positive-prospects.



•••• 10-01- IS A NEW MOON: (Great cycle! it’s a fact you really do have 2 New Moons this forecast cycle) …. But, - on today remember to pen your “Wish List” …… And remember (THIS IS A FINANCIAL MOON) … on tonight you will note that you will be able to see beautiful faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters … so watch this awesome force of nature with that special individual!

•••• 10-07 – “DRACONIDS METEOR SHOWERS” - This is a very minor Meteor Shower due to the toggling of the 1st Quarter Moon – these dancing stars will come from the constellation “DRACO” – and on today for your sign: Feature your most unique and original activities and you'll be surprised how attractive your accomplishments are.


•••• 10-15 Planet “URANUS” WILL BE AT OPPOSITION..... this force of nature takes hold high in the skies – but what you need t understand is … … this planet when at an opposition position it can “actually” bring about unexpected challenges; but on today, specifically for your sign: - Don't be afraid to go beyond the fringe to the totally unusual -- it will only enhance your desirability … … … the more different, the better, as you'll be seen as a much-needed breath of fresh air.

•••• ASTRO % RATING 10-01-2016 THRU 11-04-2016:
- Personal Relationships: @ 9.75%
- Physical Well-being: @ 8.25%
- Lucky Breaks: @ 1.00%
- Financial Gains: @ 3.00%

•••• 10-16 – FULL MOON: This toggling MOON will be directly opposite the Earth from the SUN on TODAY … …what this means for the “your sign” is this: - Now is not the time to complain of for showing your feelings. But on today, socializing is not recommended, instead, keeping to yourself and using quiet moments to visualize will serve a much better purpose for you.

•••• 10-20 THRU 0-21 –“ORIONIDS METEOR SHOWERS - Meteor showers are always lucky – the messages from the stars give brightness and bring about positive advantages for all signs of the zodiac; but for your during these 2 days your message from the Cosmos is this: - look forward to confronting a partner about relationship problems. You are calm and will be able to reduce tensions because you can be detached and rational.


•••• 10-30- NEW MOON - WISH LIST: - This cycle is a time for you to be honest about what you’d like the days ahead to be. Take a few moments today for “SELF”! The October 30th NEW MOON provides very-very good news not only for your birth sign; but, it affords goodness for all signs as well. During quiet moments when you create your wish list today, at all cost, visualize accomplishment and think “INDIVIDUALITY! Create a “WISH LIST” of not less than 8 requests. Your list should include needs that deal specifically with “success – “splendor” and “triumph” (not only for you, but for those you love as well).

•••• JOURNAL ENTRY THIS FORECAST CYCLE: - In the past you’ve made some dreadful choices when it comes to long-term friendships; and, new planet cycles indicates the journal entry this cycle should deal with NEW goals to be obtain and NEW objectives to be met.
•••• IMPORTANT NOTATION: - This months’ horoscope postings are based “specifically” on planetary effects for the time period specified … … A close look at the outer planets are taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy interpretations for this time period. Planet influences beginning 12-noon (Universal time) 10-01-2016 thru midnight 11-04-2016 that pertains to your particular SUN sign and the placement of the Moon’s toggle is also noted in this forecast interpretation!

•••• NEXT POSTING – before 12Noon, NOVEMBER 5TH 2016

•••• MEMO: - Peace, and retain your glow!

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