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If today is your birthday, you are a Pisces.

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Forecast for: February 2, 2015 - March 7, 2015

Scorpio (the Scorpion)
October 24 - November 22

Make sure family members are your first priority this cycle, and as the cycle continues to unfold you’ll notice how they make take up more of your time than you anticipate.

******* NEW CONCENTRATION EFFORTS FROM PLANET“PLUTO” Family activities may NOT throw the rest of your plans a bit off-balance because you'll more than likely need the laughter – the change of pace and will very much enjoy this chance to share conversations and time with the people whom you love the most (especially if there are children involved).

--- February – 18
--- March – 2

******* NOTATION RE THE CONSTELLATION “ANTARES”: Setting aside time for that special person will give you the kind of concentration to add spice and fun to the relationship.

--- February – 16
--- March – 4

******* ASTRO % EFFECTIVENESS 2-05-15 thru 3-06-2015:
a) Personal Relationships: 6% and Physical Well-being: 7%
b) Lucky Breaks: 3 and Financial Gains: 2%

******* JUPITER at OPPOSITION: - On February 6th the expansive planet Jupiter will be positioned at opposition in the skies – it will be at its closest approach to planet EARTH and will be brightly shining – what it all means for your SUN “Pluto” on today is this: Don't let negative thinking get you down. … … Self-criticism is a waste of your time. Lack of confidence can take the wind out of your sails, so believe in yourself (MORE) even when others don't.

******* THE AWESOMENESS OF PLANETS MARS AND VENUS: - On the night of February 22nd fiery planet Mars and love-loving planet Venus will be at conjunction in the skies – look to the western skies tonight because these 2 planets will appear rather close together … … and, if there is some one special in your life why not take a look “UP” tonight and make a wish for “more” happiness. Myth has it ... this is a night where wishes come true! (Envision happiness, peace of mind and lots of successful outcomes and believe that your desires will be met!

a) Concentration: 8%
b) Drawbacks and Obstacles: 3%

******* KEY WORDS THIS CYCLE: Judgment and Aggressiveness

******* NOTATION: - Monthly horoscope postings are based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this posting. … … Also a close look at the slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast. For this horoscope, new planet influences re the inner planets and a toggling moon are noted as well

******* NEXT POSTING – March 7th 2015 -

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