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If today is your birthday, you are a Virgo.

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Forecast for: August 23, 2015 - September 25, 2015

Taurus (the Bull)
April 21 - May 21

You’ve gotta’ be persistent this year in order to reach your cherished goals.
This is not a time where you can rely on any person (other than yourself)! And most of all you will be able to live up to your image as “money-maker” if and only if you implement the kinds of plans that will be financially rewarding – no reason to continue doing the same thing …. (The same thing has not brought you the results needed to take you to new levels – get busy doing what is necessary to reach a successful attainment

- Harmonious Colors: - Yellow and Blue (Red is inharmonious)
- Lucky Stone for your sign: - Diamond (and Emeralds)
- Lucky Flower for your sign: - Lilly-of-the-Valley
- Lucky (MOON) days this cycle: - Tuesday and Thursday

***** “TAURUS” - MESSAGE FROM THE STARS: - Realize your desires are obtainable so, why not continue and create the kinds of thoughts that can become real! Your intuition will be sharp this year so use those thoughts to produce successful outcomes!

Excellent - Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Good - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Pisces
Fair - Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

***** INFLUENCES FROM THE 08/23 FULL MOON – This particular moon was once called the Green Corn Moon and in some part of the country it was known as the Grain Moon – but on today, your message from the stars is: - This forecast month opens with romance is on the back burner! Your ruling planet VENUS goes wild you’re your house of relationship so – at all cost try to not get involved in a love spat where you say something you will be unable to repair later because this full moon will definitely deal with your emotions! – Just be quiet!

*****PLANET NEPTUNE AT OPPOSITION 09/01 – is considered an awesome force of nature … this giant blue planet will be at its closest approach to Earth; but on today/tonight Neptune’s message for you is: - circumstances in your private world can provide you with the mental abilities to “push” much harder than usual” in order to gain recognition – so do not play into the illusionists-attitude that Neptune affords at this time.

- August 23rd thru August 31st are: 357 654
- September 1st thru September 25th are: 1598 1154

***** 09/13 NEW MOON AND A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Remember on today to do your WISH LIST of not less than 8 and not more than 9 desires – ... ... – Also, this partial solar eclipse occurs when planet MOON covers only part – in the skies during the eclipse it will look like someone took a bite outta a cookie – with the position of the SUN in Virgo and the MOON in Virgo there still is a message for your particular sign – so on today, your message is: - The key is “know what you want” … “do it” … and “cease making mid-stream changes”! Believe in your wish and watch it come true!

***** MOST FAVORABLE MOON DAYS 8/23 thru 9/25 ARE:
- August 23rd thru August 31st is: 8/30
- September 1st thru September 25th are: 8th 19th 20th and 22nd

- August 23rd thru August 31st is: Investments
- September 1st thru September 25th is: Prudence

***** NEW INFLUENCES RE, YOUR RULING PLANET “VENUS “- Remember this is not a time that will afford you second chances because you feel like changing your mind in mid-stream! - - - according to expansive aspects from planet JUPITER, and URANUS topped with a toggling planet MOON indicates “there will in all likelihood be unforeseen costly expenses occurring” and you should be amply secure financially for such unexpected occurrences. So watch the spending closely --- --- if you wanna purchase and don’t need it then don’t buy!

***** 09/23 AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – Today planet SUN will be very-very bright on the “equator” and throughout the world people will experience equal amounts of day and night – (today begins a seasonal change) and, on today, for your sign: - the actions you take today depends solely on your use of prudence and sound judgment.

***** ASTRO RATING 8/23 thru 9/25:
- Personal Relationships: 7.25% … … Well-being: 8.25%
- Lucky Breaks: 0.75% and Financial Gains: 1.25%

***** IMPORTANT NOTATION: - This months’ horoscope postings are based “specifically” on planetary effects for the time period specified … … A close look at the outer planets are taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy interpretations for this time period. Planet influences for this particular posting are noted from 12-noon (Universal time) 08/23/2015 thru midnight 09/25/2015 that pertains to your particular SUN sign and the placement of the Moon’s toggle is also noted in this forecast interpretation!

***** NEXT POSTING – before 12Noon, 09/26/2015

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