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If today is your birthday, you are a Pisces.

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Forecast for: February 1, 2019 - March 1, 2019

Virgo (the Virgin)
August 22 - September 23

Use the everyday reality around you as fuel for the ideal world of your imagination and you'll find yourself a general inspiration to all. (This is the cycle where you will embark on a new journey - travel it well - the stars are there to guard your pathway. When hope and belief are applied hands-on to the real world, the inner self can make its mark on the outer and the stuff of dreams coming true becomes your instrument to play. Oh one more thing - there's an angel on your shoulder - respect the Angel's guidance - your Angel will open new doors - all you have to do is be mentally aware and move-on with your life!

- Harmonious Colors: - Black, Gold (and Brown)
- Lucky Stone for your sign: - Sapphire (and the Pink Jasper)
- Lucky Flower for your sign: - Morning Glory (and the Aster)
- Lucky (MOON) days this cycle: - Monday and Wednesday

*** *** PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE COSMOS - A broad scope of varied and original experiences are open for exploration, and it's easy to lose your fear of risk and embrace the new. What might have seemed a bit over the top before now looks like your cup of tea, with others jumping in to try out the most exotic tastes. Hey Virgo - I think you are ready for newness - the benefits of Uranus (the unexpected planet) is gonna give you a good experience -- stop the worry - its all good! There's nothing like a hands-on education.

“Exceptional” - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
“First-rate” - Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
“Adequate” - Taurus, Leo, Capricorn

*** *** LUCKY NUMBERS: 8523 9564

*** *** “NEW MOON” - FEBRUARY 4TH 2019 (MONDAY) – The *New Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible tonight in the sky. -– REMEMBER – PEN YOUR WISH LIST OF NOT LESS THAN 8 DESIRES! Tonight you’ll be able to view the beautiful galaxies and star clusters because there is not suppose to be interference from the moon’s light. *This is an important aspect because this is the time for entries on paper for those 8-10 wishes. --- (Good Luck)!

#1) Developing new business tactics
#2) Taking care of past due financial matters


*** *** FULL MOON – (TUESDAY) FEBRUARY 19TH 2019 – The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the sun – this is a “SUPER MOON” … … this particular moon use to be called the “full snow moon”, the “full hunger moon” by Native American tribes. This moon is going to look brighter and larger … … and the message for your sign is this:
It's a time for counter-intuitive solutions, so think outside of the box, which is likely where the answers lie. If it feels right, it's probably not, so don't jump to conclusions based on a hunch. Bat ideas and feelings back and forth and look at both sides of the issue before you reach to a final conclusion.

*** *** (for better successes) YOU SHOULD AVOID:
- 02-02-2019 thru 02-16-2019: trying to do more than is possible
- 02-17-2019 thru 03-01-2019: not asking for help (don’t be so naïve, ask!)

*** ***MESSAGE FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Mercury” - An elusive fear, a shadow from a dream may creep up on you, but simply toss it off, as you're not likely to be able to pin it down. Proceed as if you were on course, and the seemingly premonitory wind will pass unfulfilled, as it was just a memory. When you encounter a stop sign, there's a reason for it. Look both ways, and then proceed.

- 02-02-2019 thru 02-16-2019: Straightforward
- 02-17-2019 thru 03-01-2019: Radiance

- 02-02-2019 thru 02-16-2019: the 14th
- 02-17-2019 thru 03-01-2019: the 29th

- 1) Personal (Romantic) Relationships: @ 75.00%
- 2) Lucky Streaks and Financial Gains this cycle: @ 0.50%
- 3) Initiative Successes re Career Action Plans: @ 82.00%

- 1) Personal Relationship - Allegiances @ 75.25%
- 2) Newness and Career Opportunities - @ 80.00%
- 3) Risk (Gaming, where applicable) - @ +0.25%
- 4) Investment Planning (where applicable) - @ -0.18%
- 5) Personal/Action Planning Successes - @ +2.85%

*** *** NOTATION FROM THE CONSTELLATION “Spica”- - Your star message this cycle is this: - Getting noticed and getting the job done may not seem to go hand in hand, as personal issues may overlap professional obligations. Don't expect the best of both worlds, but make sure you get your piece of each. Personal and partner issues will dominate for the moment. You can pick up on the rest later.

-1) 02-01 THRU 02-17: Priorities
-2) 02-18-THRU 03-01: Newness

*** *** IMPORTANT… … … Check the Menu and click-on for Review all other pages on this site: #1) PASSAGE … … … Make time for self - where possible - utilize time and set aside quiet moments and read the “PASSAGE” page that’s on this website for a renewed Inspirational feeling; and, #2) WORLD FORECAST AND PREDICTIONS: … … Review the POINT OF VIEW PAGE and take a look at the WORLD EVENTS page for world forecast and predictions effective this 2019-year cycle thru midnight 30 April 2020.

*** *** MONTHLY HOROSCOPE POSTINGS: This horoscope posting for each zodiacal sign is based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this particular posting. Also, a close look at slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast cycle … … new planet aspects re the transit of “inner planets” and transit of the toggling Moon phases were noted as well for each particular zodiacal sign as well.

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